DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis

Video references:  Sections of these movies will be shown in class, including the topics of how DNA replicates, how RNA is transcribed, how translation occurs, effects of mutations such as the one that causes sickle cell disease, and genetic therapies that that can be used to treat conditions such as spinal cord injuries.

DNA: Blueprint of Life
Proteins: Building Blocks of Life
Cloning: The Science and the Controversy
Genetically Modified Foods

Want a challenge?  Try this DNA sample test: click here to access the "quest"

Animations to view (I STRONGLY recommend you review these animations)-click the links:

How DNA Replication Works

How Translation Works - Try the questions after the animation, see how you do.

Protein Synthesis

Monday, October 25th - Want some hands-online practice?  Do the Karyothyping activity and the DNA Webquest first, then check out the other links.

Gene Therapy

Karyotyping Activity

The DNA Webquest file below is useful to do some hands-on interaction with the topic, and will probably help you understand the material better, but is not for marks.
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not every term is here, but some are - and some extra ones not mentioned in class.

Video Lessons

Want extra review of a concept? Are you more of an auditory learner? Want to take some extra notes or just see it presented a bit differently? Check out these lessons from Master Teacher Dan Stevenson where he covers some topics also taught in Biology 12.  NOTE- In Biology 12, these topics are covered in greatr depth than in this course.
  • DNA Structure
  • DNA compared to RNA

  • DNA Replication

  • Recombinant DNA

  • Protein Synthesis

  • DNA Mutations
  • Just for kicks, and for those who like to take a bigger bite of their courses:

    Podcast on DNA, genes, chromosomes and DNA replication

    Podcast on DNA and Biotechnology - How scientists manipulate DNA

    Confused about 5' and 3' ends on DNA? Check out this excellent explanation on YouTube.

    Study Partner
    lots of clips, drag and drop quizzes, and some online quiz material.  Check out DNA, Protein synthesis and Recombinant DNA
    We don't cover everything in the study partner but it's good stuff, and a lot of what we DO cover is in there.

    Link to Helpful Videos: Transcription and Translation
    please note that videos may include more detail than necessary, but they are DEFINITELY worth a look.  Some topics are broken up into an introductory, easy to understand video, then more complicated ones - which is helpful because you can use them as your understanding deepens  :)

    mRNA Synthesis (Translation) goes beyond Health Science 11, but if you are a keener, you might appreciate a deeper explanation.  Try the quiz, but ignore questions 1 and 3, they go beyond the scope of this course. The other questions are on material you should know.

    Modification of mRNA and Protein Synthesis: Control of Gene expresssion in Eukaryotes

    And , for enrichment or personal interest only, since Cancer is not a major topic in this course -
    Cancer: How Tumor Suppressor Genes Block Cell Division