AP Exam Review

Prior to writing your AP exam, you should go through the course outline for the AP test, and have define everything that will be covered. Please use these outlines to study for the exam.  Please try to read through these at least once or twice a day in the weeks leading up to the AP exam, it will make studying for the AP test a lot easier for you - and will make you a lot more successful on the AP test. Remember, the goal of this class is to pass the AP exam, you can do it!

1. Earth Systems and Resources - 10-15% of AP test
2. The Living World - 10-15% of AP test
3. Human Population Dynamics - 10-15% of AP test (*mainly Ch. 12)
4. Land and Water Use - 10-15% of AP test
5. Energy Resources and Consumption - 10-15% of AP test
6. Pollution - 25-30% of AP test **This makes up a HUGE portion of the AP test!!