B2, B3, B4 Cell Chemistry

Assignments and links

This page gives links, notes and assignments for the following sections of the course:

B2 describe the characteristics of water and its role in biological systems
B3 describe the role of acids, bases, and buffers in biological systems in the human body
B4 analyse the structure and function of biological molecules in living systems, including
– carbohydrates
– lipids
– proteins
– nucleic acids

Review  the notes and assignments given out in class, as well as your notes for the videos "The Physics and Chemistry of Water", "The Power of Metabolism" and  "Structure of Protein".

Check your PLOs (study guide handed out in class) to check your knowledge against the quiz/exam criteria. I recommend you use it as a summary checklist and vocabulary-to-know list for each unit.

do #2 topic review and #3 Vocabulary Crossword and Jumble first!!

  1. Biochemistry Review (pdf)
  1. Cell Compounds (pdf)
    1. Homeostasis and Buffers (pdf)
    2. Water Chemistry (pdf)
    3. Non-covalent bonds (pdf)
  1. Biomolecules (pdf)
    1. Overheads (Biomolecules pdf)
    2. Carbohydrates (pdf)
    3. Fatty acids (pdf)
    4. Amino acids (pdf)
    5. Peptide bonds (synthesis) (pdf)
    6. Nucleotides (pdf)