Pre-AP Environmental Science 11: Sustainable Resources and AP Environmental Science 12 Exam Preparation

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Environmental Science 11: Sustainable Resources
Required Prerequisites: Science 10, Math 10.
Recommended Corequisites: one Science 11 course and one Math 11 course. 
Length of course: Semester

This is an interdisciplinary course embracing a wide variety of topics from different areas of study, including geology, biology, chemistry and geography. It includes a study of the Earth’s ecosystem diversity, resources and sustainability, pollution and global climate change, including the ozone layer, global warming and loss of biodiversity as well as global and Canadian issues in sustainable forestry, agriculture, mining, aquaculture, water use, energy generation and careers in Resource Management. This course satisfies the BC Ministry of Education's Science requirement for Graduation.  Environmental Science 11: Sustainable Resources is an excellent preparation for AP Environmental Science 12 and university-level environmental science courses.   

Assessment: class work, assignments, labs and activities, quizzes, projects and tests.

Final Exam: in school

 Course Fee: None.

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