Helpful Links

Environmental Science
Below is a list of links that you may find useful for getting background knowledge on labs, projects, journal articles and papers.

Alternative Online Course Materials (Enger/Smith Environmental Science)-
Contains tests, animations and self test sections to help you study for couse exams and the AP Exam
Earth and the Environment
Introduction to Biogeochemical Cycles

General Environmental Science Links:
The Environmental News Network
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Science Direct
Environmental Science and Technology Online
Earthday Network

Environmental Disasters - This is a general site to links on various environmental disasters. Many of these have been on the AP exam in the pasts. Throughout the year, be sure to look through these to have an idea about the cause and effects of the disasters.

Ecological Footprint Quiz
Eco Footprint Calculator
Global Footprint Network

Sustainability NOW

Environmental Protection Magazine
California EPA
The Nature Conservancy
Earth Justice
Audubon International

Human Population Dynamics
Global Issues
Population Growth Impacts
Population Reference Bureau
Population Action International
PopExpo:6 billion Human Beings

Pollution: The following is a list of general links through Google on Water, Air and Soil
Water Pollution Links
Air Pollution Links
Soil Pollution Links

General Earth Science: The Earth Institute

Destination Earth:NASA
Earth Science World
Bill Nye
United States Geologic Survey

Plate Tectonics/Earthquakes:

Berkley Geology
Plate Tectonics
The Dynamic Earth
Earth Floor
Earthquake Hazard Program

Volcano World
How Volcanoes Work
Cascades Volcano Observatory

Rocks and Minerals:
The Franklin Institute

Mineral Information
Mineral Information Institute
Minerals by Name
MinMax: Mineral Infromation System

Meteorology and Weather:
Meteorology Guide
Freese-Notis WeatherThe Weather DudeScience.govWunderground

Space Science:

NASAThe Nine Planets
Welcome to the Planets
Enchanted Learner
Exploring the Planets
Constellations and Stars


Office of Naval ResearchNOAA
Ocean World
Ocean Link
Oceans Alive
Earth's Oceans