Cell Biology

This page gives links, notes and assignments for the following sections of the course:

B1 Cell Structures (cells and organelles) p. 47 of PLO
B9 Cell Membrane p. 57 of PLO
B10 Surface Area to Volume Ratio p. 57 of PLO

Review  the notes and assignments given out in class, as well as your notes for the videos "Cell: How it works", and  "Secrets of The Cell", especially the section "membrane as gatekeeper" as well as the Potato Lab writeup and assignment.

Check your PLOs (study guide handed out in class) to check your knowledge against the quiz/exam criteria. I recommend you use it as a summary checklist and vocabulary-to-know list for each unit.

B1 Cell Biology (Cell Structure)

  1. Try this quick interactive exercise to learn the parts of a eukaryotic cell.
  2. Cell Structures (pdf)
    1. material
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B9 Cell Biology (Transport across a Cell Membrane) - Go through the Cell Membrane and Transport sites and please email me your scores where applicable.

Cell Membrane Transport (pdf - extra notes - worth a look)

Activities to do: 

Vocabulary: Crossword / Jumble 

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B10 Surface Area and Volume Ratios

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Cell Structures and Their Functions Video Lesson from SD 72

Cell Organelles that Move Materials Video Lesson from SD72

Structure and Function of the Cell Membrane Video Lesson from SD72

Osmosis, Passive Transport through the Cell Membrane Video Lesson from SD72

Functions of Membrane Proteins Video Lesson from SD72

Devise an Experiment Using the Scientific Method - Video Lesson from SD72

Surface Area to Volume Ratios Video Lesson from SD72